Welcome fellow scooter enthusiasts.

Scooter Daily was created to share our passion for scooters. 

I’m Hailey and I will be covering everything from scooter tips & guides and even scooter reviews.

The main goal here at Scooter Daily, is to simply educate our readers more about the hottest trends in scooters as well as how to maintain, customize and the make the most of these fun transportation gadgets.

For most the part, scooting is fun. But for the folks who are new to this space, they often have questions like: which scooter to buy, which scooter is good for toddlers, which scooter is good for commutinghow to customize your scooter etc.

Having spent a lot of time riding scooters during my childhood + having shopped scooters for my kids, I’m proud to say that I have a vast knowledge about the topic, and I plan to inform our happy readers as much as possible.  

Instead of wasting hours of searching and ending up purchasing the wrong scooter, consumers can go though our articles, make up their mind, and end up buying the right scooter for them.

Happy scooting!

– Hailey