Whether you are looking to get more traffic or faster growth, a website audit is where you can get SEO clarity.

An audit is custom for you and your unique business.  It exist to identify issues and opportunities you have to handle.

Areas covered in an audit:
>Content Review
>Analytics Analysis
>On Page Analysis
>Inbound Links
>Analysis with the Competition

Audits are indispensable tools that give us incredible insights and results.

The audit i do consist of many hours of analysis of your website. This is much better and complete than an automated audit which is much smaller.

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Doing SEO with your ongoing marketing efforts will skyrocket your rankings and traffic.

Here’s what i can do on a ongoing basis:

Keyword research – Identify and own profitable search terms
Technical optimization – optimize speed and other factors
Competitive analysis – leverage competitive intelligence
Web Analytics – insights that will make your site more friendly
Content optimization – receive more organic visitors from your articles
Backlink acquisition –  gain authority with backlinks
Reporting –  Our reports are clear and simples so you can see your progress
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I can help you for the specific SEO needs:

  • SEO & content strategy
  • Website redesign & migration
  • HTTP to HTTPS migration
  • Mobile SEO
  • Traffic and search engine penalty
  • Multilingual  SEO


Having access to an SEO expert will allow you to skyrocket your growth and increase your revenues.

I help online and offline businesses on:

  • SEO Strategy
  • On-site Optimization
  • Offline SEO (Link Development)

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